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Data Provenience

The user of a Dataleaf® product, especially a data mart, can see provenience information for any data element by clicking that field in the normal user interface.

Information includes:

  • History (earlier changes in code values, etc.)
  • Where this data element came from, and exactly how it was re-coded
  • Catalogued reports (what catalogued reports contain this data element)
  • Current summary statistics for the data element (average, max, min, standard deviation, frequency distribution)
  • Past, present, and alternate field names

screen shot

[Also see Data Quality Automation for a similar feature, that gives the user direct access to data quality violations and warnings -- both admin- and metadata-related.]

screen shot

the information behind the data...

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The user of a Dataleaf® data mart can view historical and distributional information for any data element.

Historical taxonomies (old sets of codes) and recoding heuristics can be viewed.