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Dataleaf Technologies, Inc:  HR System migration, Archiving, Analysis, Modeling, Interim HRIS

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Dataleaf databases use many different models for secure presentation and delivery:

  • Tree-structured security
  • Delivery of carefully restricted row subsets (In one recent application we supported 53 separate versions of the same database.)
  • Column subsets (E.g., a light version for e-retrieval, a heavier one for managers, and a complete one for HR.)
  • Secure e-distribution
  • Secure physical distribution if physical distribution is used
  • Encrypted e-communication as needed
  • Multi-level Identity options including password, certificate, URL, etc.
  • Compliance and integration with client security gateways if applicable
  • Secure e-forms

Data security at Dataleaf is stringent. Standard measures include:

  • Tracking of all all physical media from receipt to certified on-site destruction by Dataleaf
  • Regular forensic-level data wipe on locally-installed media
  • Encrypted backups
  • Secure web traffic
  • Physically isolated client processes

Optional measures (client's option) are:

  • Remote backups retained only at client site
  • No backups held after project completion
  • Secure communications
  • Outbound physical media encryption


compact, strong security...

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...prevails at every stage of a Dataleaf project, and every Dataleaf location where client data is handled.