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Dataleaf Technologies, Inc:  HR System migration, Archiving, Analysis, Modeling, Interim HRIS

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Dataleaf Services

Dataleaf offers client services in two main categories: Analysis and System Migration.

Analysis Services- Dataleaf offers certain software-assisted services designed based on simulation modeling, employee research, and financial analysis:

Data Services- Dataleaf manages data operations which would require a significant effort on the part of the client or integrator, and provides hooks for project management based on data analysis. Some of the services we offer in this area are:


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Dataleaf Technologies, Inc. is a Massachusetts corporation founded in 1987 (as SSR, Inc). It is a computational and consulting practice serving HR and Payroll in organizations of all sizes - from a few hundred to about fifty thousand employees. 

Our business is based on a single, compact set of methods and software components, the Dataleaf® Database technology.