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Data Mapping (Automated)

Data element conversion is a significant cost factor in any system migration, chiefly because of the client communication and target system knowledge overhead associated with semantics, mapping, value sets, and fit analysis.

With this in mind, we have developed an automated environment, DataMapper™. We've used it for several years -- it's now at version 5.1.

What does this tool do?

First -- and this is especially important when a large number of subsidiaries are being converted at one time -- it serves as a common 'process memory' for all participants.

Second, it serves as a container for notes, mappings, etc., created by analysts -- including analysts belonging to the client's organization or working for another vendor.

Third, it 'plugs in' to the Dataleaf data conversion platform and drive the conversion process.

Finally, it 'knows' all the values occurring in legacy data, good and bad, and all the legal code values in the target system...

screen shot

evolving data structures

DataMapper™ works best when it is conformed to the target system active data dictionary.

This means that the entire set of available output values is loaded directly from the active data dictionary of the target system -- so that all data elements, original or customized, are addressed by DataMapper, along with all their legal values -- original or customized.

Thus, as the target system data structure evolves through customization, DataMapper™ will automatically keep pace.

This is automated, descriptive, auditable, fast data mapping.

seeing data elements more clearly ...

data glasses image

Dataleaf's automated DataMapper™ tool 'knows' all the values occurring in legacy data, good and bad, and all the legal code values in the target system.


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