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Retrieval Philosophy

Dataleaf® retrieval and selection options are rich. Among them are:

  • Drill down by org chart or any other hierarchy
  • 'Any-field search'
  • New or changed records
  • Records with data quality issues (per client-defined Sanity Tests)
  • Records with present or future metadata issues (per client enterprise data projects)
  • Fuzzy match (phonetic, transpositional, etc.)

Currently selected data can always be directed to any reporting or output function.

summary statistics

Double-clicking on any field will access the summary-statistics features for that field:

screen shot

workstation state save

Dataleaf® data marts often have a 'save workstation state' feature. (We realize users do go home from time to time!)

Proprietary data is not stored locally in implementing this feature.

being able to retrieve exactly what you want, the very first time you try ...

lens image

is a reasonable expectation. It is supported by standard Dataleaf® retrieval features.