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HRQ™ Survey Tool

When HR is studying its alignment with corporate strategic directions, statistical analysis is usually required.

Sometimes this involves analyzing data already in the hands of the client. Sometimes it involves looking back at earlier images of existing systems. Sometimes it involves getting information through a survey, or other real-world study.

One very good option for securing information to support a real world study is our secure e-survey tool, HRQ™, which is based on the Dataleaf® database model.

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HRQ™ results are stored as small tuples to protect the privacy of respondents. Results are exported in familiar formats (MS Excel, etc.) for analysis and inspection. Primary statistical analysis is through SPSS.

HRQ™ is based on the proposition that ONLY a strong (and strongly-guaranteed) assurance of confidentiality engenders a reasonable degree of candor. This is especially true of employee surveys.

portable HRQ™

Portable versions of HRQ™ -- secure versions suitable for the notebook computer of an interviewer -- are available..

survey data acquisition and analysis

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Dataleaf provides two types of software tools: analysis tools and database tools.

The analysis tools are designed to handle simulation modeling, employee research, and financial analysis. These products are based on Dataleaf® database technology.

The database tools comprise tactical data marts and other database-related utility systems; all are based on our Dataleaf® Database Technology.


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