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Organization Structure Integration

Dataleaf®-based data marts support organization-Chart-based retrieval and reporting.

This leverages a way of viewing the organization that is natural to many users.

The feature can be used to select an organizational subset via the organizational tree, then switch to a standard database or report view, retaining whatever has been selected.

transitional & overlapping organization structures

An unlimited number of overlapping organization charts can be supported and used for analysis and retrieval. This is especially useful for organization in transition, and organizations whose budgeting and operations are differently structured.

drill-down retrieval by organizational structure

Sometimes a user does not know the exact name of a department, or group within a department, but knows its function and wants to view one or more individuals in it.

... In such instances, direct retrieval from the organizational tree structure (or manager structure) embedded in a Dataleaf® database is very useful! (In this view, organizational structure, not management structure, is used.)

Double-clicking on a department or other group any organizational level will instantly retrieve all employee records in it. Clicking the '+' symbol will expand to the next level down.

The example given below is taken from an actual Dataleaf® application of the type IHRIS™ Transitional HRIS.

tree-traverse and retrieve...

Expanding the organizational tree further and further, the user may exit and retrieve all the employees at or below the current level with a simple mouse click on the text. In the example that follows, for example, the 9 employees in Budgeting & Forecasting can be retrieved, OR they can be separately displayed by clicking '+', OR all 53 employees at the next level up can be retrieved by clicking there ...

org tree screen shot

data details + organizational structure...

organization chart image

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