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Data Conversion

Dataleaf provides data conversion services for HRIS system migrations.

Writing a standalone, custom, data conversion program -- something that many vendors and clients do -- is relatively easy. But such an approach ignores a wide range of time- and cost-saving opportunities. Our Dataleaf Conversion Platform is designed to take advantage of those opportunities.

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The Dataleaf® Conversion Platform operates in four separate modes, carrying out four separate tasks, during the conversion process. This accelerates the project, simplifies client-side project management, and insures data quality and auditability.


Security measures to guard conversion data are strenuously applied at Dataleaf. Routine encryption, tracking, aging, and certified destruction of all physical media, as well as routine forensic-level cleansing of all fixed media guarantee the security of sensitive data. Many different security plans are available at the client's option.


Our data conversion service is advantageous to the end-user-client (or integrator) in a number of ways:

  • The Dataleaf conversion platform is actually a Dataleaf® database which realizes intermediate stages in the conversion process as persistent data. Using this platform we can instantly and inexpensively trace complex data problems, because almost every internal step is realized as persistent data.
  • Most problems can be identified, reported, reviewed by the client, and treated with a full or ameliorative fix, within an hour.
  • Dataleaf deploys a large set of 'Consistency Tests.' They are constantly in use.
  • Consistency Tests range from very simple ones like ("Is DOB different between Payroll and HR?") to very complex, customized ones like ("Are the payroll records for any given SSN -- distributed among six different company-coded sources with different payroll id's -- such that an overlap of more than 14 days occurs, excluding instances where term dates on the two overlapping sources are the same, and excluding instances where the payroll id is the same?").
  • Consistency tests drive out administrative errors very inexpensively and quickly, by comparing data between different legacy sources, as well as different data fields in a single source.
  • Complex effective-date logic and permanent data correction are integral to the Dataleaf data conversion platform. This sharply reduces end-user staff resources needed to insure a clean conversion, and obviates the need for custom programming by the client.
  • The Dataleaf data conversion platform directly employs our DataMapper™ automated mapping tool. This is a tool that analysts outside Dataleaf can use to control the conversion. DataMapper™ has access to all legacy values occurring in any given field (both valid and invalid values), and all legal target-system codes and ranges.
  • DataMapper™ operates as a data-assisted mapping tool in the field, and links directly to the Dataleaf® conversion platform. This reduces the effort of data mapping and data cleanup, and integrates the two processes, for further cost and time savings -- but the client retains control of the process. 
  • Dataleaf processes all legacy input media and formats locally, whatever the source, medium, or format. This greatly reduces the cycle time for fresh a data load, often to mere hours. A rich variety of media and protocols is supported, including 'mainframe' media and formats.
  • Post-conversion validation (typically carried out at 60 and 90 days after a new system 'goes live') is an integral part of the Dataleaf system migration process.

Overall, much less manual effort than usual is required to make a system migration audit able.

See more details on Dataleaf data conversion and the Dataleaf® Conversion Platform.

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Dataleaf has a large set of 'Consistency Tests' constantly in use. These drive out errors which can be revealed by comparing data between different legacy sources.

Complex effective-date logic and permanent data correction are integral to the Dataleaf data conversion platform.

The Dataleaf Conversion Platform -- a type of Dataleaf® Database -- functions in five distinct "modes" during the conversion process. 


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