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HR Modeling

Managerial intuition is effective for gauging the effects of different practices within an organization, but even educated intuition can only operate down to a certain level of detail.

Through HR simulation, Dataleaf can evolve a planning process that extends a manager's intuitions (supplemented by published, empirical research results) to the lowest levels of detail and explores the consequences of various HR strategies.

Dataleaf HR simulation models have the following characteristics:

  • Heuristics model the firm and the workforce as a two-part system, for more accurate treatment of employee issues and changing economic conditions
  • The entire data model, including all its intermediate calculations, is always open to sanity-checking. No portion of the model is a "black box."
  • All arguments and heuristics -- without exception -- are easy to inspect, and cheap and easy to 'tune' (or replace) for conformity with local conditions.
  • This guarantees that HR and Payroll executives can understand their own model fully. This is crucial, since results of such modeling always are -- and should be -- challenged and tested by an organization's top management.


A key component of our simulation capability is our proprietary HR-specific simulation software package: HAM™ (Heterogeneous Agent Model). This modeling tool projects HR management expertise — supplemented by published, empirical research findings in the field — to an unusual depth and breadth.

HAM™ implements a hybrid transformational modeling process, using Dataleaf® database technology.

Some of its characteristics are:

  • It models both the firm and the potential workforce, for better representation of employee issues and changing economic conditions
  • Every step in the modeling process is open to sanity-checking. No portion of the model is a "black box."
  • HAM™ models individuals as agents in the workforce and retiree population

HAM™ is initialized with real, individual records for a firm's employee and retiree population.

HAM™ is designed, 'from the ground up,' wholly to address Human Resources problems.

Beginning in 2009, a version of HAM™ will be incorporated in a product set of HR Models, the RightWorkforce™ Models, built for the AnyLogic™ platform and developed jointly with our business partner ToPS. For more information, documentation, and planned release date information, contact Dataleaf.

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Minimizing undesired fluctuation in employee populations — unexpected changes in retention rates — unplanned consequences of changes in benefits programs.



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