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Metadata Manager™

Many organizations are implement enterprise-wide data engineering programs.

Whenever enterprise-level metadata controls have an impact on HR, it is best for HR to monitor and control those aspects of the evolving process that have operational consequences.

anticipating future requirements

By the time a metadata requirement is in force, it may be too late to comply with it in a comfortable and efficient manner. It is often best to anticipate such requirements, at the level of employee detail records, months or years in advance, and guide HR data accordingly. Dataleaf products support detailed analysis of exceptions based on future requirements.


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standalone vs. integrated metadata management

Dataleaf's standard metadata management tools are intended to make this easy. They are available in 'standalone' or 'integrated' form.

  • Standalone Option. ... Dataleaf can provide a small system designed to monitor the development of HR data in a huge corporate data warehouse. This is usually a transition management tool, tracking standards, versions, problems, etc.
  • Integrated Option. ... Dataleaf can supply a component placed within an interim HRIS system to insure that users had access, all the time, to full information about values which were being re coded as part of a data unification process.

data & metadata, continually monitored ...

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Dataleaf's Metadata tools (both integrated and standalone) provide deep, frequent data quality scans according to present and future schemata, and in anticipation of emerging administrative needs


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