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Web delivery

Web applications based on the Dataleaf® Database typically offer a fast-moving layer of client-side functionality (via Flash or Ajax technologies). Various alternatives are available, including no-script and no-Flash versions, should this be necessary.

As forms and interfaces may be generated through the Dataleaf® Database, it is easy to generate and save custom data forms for special purposes, or for repeated use by a particular individual. Dataleaf Web Services (for consumption) may be implemented.

Dataleaf applications can consume web services offered elsewhere. For example, interim applications may (licenses permitting!) integrate third-party capabilities into Dataleaf HR.

Numerous options are available for caching and asynchronous communication at the workstation to secure fast high-volume database updating.


Dataleaf web applications employ a terse, accessible, design and meet Section 508 accessibility guidelines.

In addition to the general standards of accessibility in our web applications, we also can furnish radically accessible versions of Dataleaf applications as optional variants. We do not believe that 'one size fits all' except for relatively simple pages intended for a large user base.

This means that high-volume administration tasks can be addressed with either 'accessible' or 'non-accesible' functionality.

It also means that critical, complex, high-volume pages can be designed to be not only accessible, but congenial.

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Numerous options are available for caching data at the workstation to secure fast high-volume database updating.

Dataleaf web applications meet Section 508 accessibility guidelines

Our business is based on a single, compact set of methods and software components, the Dataleaf® Database technology.