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Record Keeping

Dataleaf can easily evolve a custom, planned record-keeping service for an HR client, involving multiple secure input sources, sanity checking, prompting, consistency checking, computation, and a secure front-end user interface to give the administrative user excellent visibility into the data at any time.

Generally the data held is maintained by Dataleaf Technologies in a dedicated Dataleaf® database.

Dataleaf's custom record-keeping services can be used to address a wide variety of HR-related needs -- some temporary and some permanent.

In every instance Dataleaf continuously offers the option of transitioning all data, metadata, and heuristics to the client's in house operations.

example:  a job definition database with multiple sources

To help a client in the task of standardizing and merging the HRIS of its subsidiaries, Dataleaf created and maintained an extensive database containing thousands of jobs, job properties, functions, codes, standard groupings, definitions, and verbose text descriptions, based on industry standard classifications.

For a few years Dataleaf compiled and maintained such a database, based on updates from the client's subsidiaries. Eventually Dataleaf helped transition this function to the new permanent HRIS environment.

example:  an employee population database with bonus components

After significant acquisitions, a client required a synoptic database linking actual employees, job requisitions, multiple roll ups, operational structure, financial structure, GL accounting, and bonus computation.

Dataleaf created, compiled, and maintained the database, through a logistic of updates from the client's subsidiaries.

custom record-keeping services

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Dataleaf can provide custom record-keeping services to meet permanent or temporary HR needs.


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