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Dataleaf Technologies, Inc:  HR System migration, Archiving, Analysis, Modeling, Interim HRIS

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Introduction: Dataleaf Technologies

Dataleaf Technologies, Inc., is a computational and consulting practice serving HR and Payroll organizations in firms of all sizes -- from a few hundred to about fifty thousand employees.

Our core expertise is data transformation through specialized software engines that merge and split data streams, address inconsistencies, and transform table structures. We are particularly interested in interim products and transitional services. 


Our work with statistical analysis, ROI, and modeling began in the 1980's. Our first tactical data mart was built in 1994. Our first large system migration was done in 1996. We began regular distribution of a tactical data mart in 1997. We began to furnish automated mapping tools in 1999, multi-version data marts in 2000, and Dataleaf® Data Marts in 2001, and modeling in 2003.

We began to furnish automated mapping tools in 1999, multi-version data marts in 2000, and Dataleaf® Data Marts in 2001, and HR modeling (in partnership with the ToPS Group) in 2004. Our Active Typography product, which levels the informational load across a page of print, began devleopment in 2005. Our MLB roster management tools and services began development in 2007.

In twenty years of practice Dataleaf has served about 60 client organizations -- an unusually large number for a small specialist practice. 

We've delivered sharply-focused products and services -- products and services which serve their purpose, and then end as planned.  Dataleaf Technologies, Inc. is a Massachusetts corporation.

George Stalker photo

George Stalker (AB, Harvard / PhD, Univ. Mich. Ann Arbor) is president of Dataleaf.

He served as a statistical analyst at EDC, and was User Services Manager and University Consultant for Academic Services at Tufts University before Dataleaf Technologies was incorporated.  Since 1982 Stalker has worked with about 60 corporations -- for the most part US companies in the Boston area -- as consultant, data provider, and software provider.

He is a member of IHRIM, ACM, SHRM.

Contact: georgestalker@dataleaf.net

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The Dataleaf® Database design

desktop computer photo

... underlies most of our products and many of our services.

A Dataleaf® Database knows a great deal lot about its own contents and structure, not just at a platform level, but also at the application level...

In an e-solution, a Dataleaf database supplies information to server-side processes... It supplies summary statistics to client-side processes. It can have several levels of data quality screening and triage ...


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